Chapter IX
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Compiling, editing, revising and updating SHEQEL The Online Catalog of Israel Numismatics 1927 - present, is certainly not a one-man show by Pinchas Bar-Zeev, the Author and Publisher.
This project would never have come to fruition without the assistance of fellow numismatists from Israel and several other countries. The list below is incomplete, as we value our fellow numismatists' privacy, and include only the names of those contributors who agreed that their names be listed.
We want to thank all of you listed below, and those who remain anonymous, for the invaluable assistance rendered.


(in alphabetical order)


Howard M. Berlin, USA

Raphael Dvir, Israel

Amit Kamarat, Israel

Melvyn M. Kassenoff, USA

Eliezer Morav, Israel

Kobi Liderman, Israel

Reuven Stoler, Israel

William (Bill) Rosenblum, USA




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